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Product Details:

Body structure
The horizontal shaft and the vertical shaft are driven by imported AC servo motor. The horizontal arm, the pulling arm and the vertical arm adopt imported high-rigidity linear slide rail and light-weight and high-rigidity aluminum alloy structure beam, thus meeting the requirements of high taking-out speed, stable and smooth action, high efficiency, small vibration and long service life.

Fixture loop
Reserving an air pressure pipeline, a detection signal and absorption and embrace loops, the fixture can be taken out by absorbing, clamping and embracing. The taking-out requirements of various finished products can be met. The side orientation mechanism can be taken out in cooperation with a male die or female die. The rotation angle is 90°.

 Main Specification
Model(T)I.M.M.range(mm) Vertical stroke(mm)
Crosswise stroke
Min take time 
Max load
Dry cycle time
Air consumption
Net weight
Swing stroke
Drive system(MPa)
Air power
Working air pressure
LC-800JX150-280800600Single-stage1.55451701300AC Servo moto0.6-0.85﹣7AC220V





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