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Product details:

Body structure
The horizontal shaft is driven by imported AC servo motor. The vertical shaft and the pulling shaft are driven by the cylinder. The pulling arm and the vertical arm adopt imported high-rigidity linear slide rail and light-weight and high-rigidity aluminum alloy structure beam, thus meeting the requirements of high taking-out speed, stable and smooth action, high skill, small vibration and long service life.

Fixture loop
Reserving an air pressure pipeline, a detection signal and absorption and embrace loops, the fixture can be taken out by absorbing, clamping and embracing. The taking-out requirements of various finished products can be met. The side orientation mechanism can be taken out in cooperation with a male die or female die. The rotation angle is 90°.

Main Specification
Model(T)I.M.M.range(mm) Vertical strokeCrosswise strokeType(sec)
Min take time 
Max load
Dry cycle time
Air consumption
Net weight
Swing stroke
Drive system(MPa)
Air power
Working air pressure
Single-stage238202001500AC Servo moto0.6-0.85﹣7AC220V



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