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Product details

The handheld control system adopts conversational operation, can switch Chinese or English pages, is easy to operate and learn and does not occupy space.
16 groups of built-in standard programs, capability of storing 80 groups of teaching programs and meeting the requirement of production form
Function of memorizing 100 groups of molds, capability of saving setting and adjustment of mold change
Automatic detection, fault display, automatic recording, convenient fault clearing
Capability of displaying all output and input signals on an operation device during manual operation, convenient and quick maintenance
LED displays important signals such as the safety door. The mold is allowed to be locked after being opened.
The standby output point can be connected with other automatic equipment such as the conveyor belt and the release agent spraying unit.
Capability of modifying the delay time and count under automatic operation, to facilitate operation

Main Specification
Vertical stroke
Crosswise stroke
Min take time 
Max load
Dry cycle time
Air consumption
Net weight
Air power
Working air pressure



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